News - July 2013

Gift City
AIPL is proud to announce that it has been awarded the prestigious project of Gift city. This is a pet project for Narendra Modi who intends to convert Gujarat into the financial centre for India. L & T has awarded AIPL with the finishing work for the said project.

Abhijeet Group
Abhijeet Group has awarded AIPL with the design build contract for 3 floors of its office for Grace in Nagpur. This is a turnkey project for AIPL and AIPL intends to use some of their latest innovative designs, products and solutions for the said project.


AIPL is proud to announce after a break of nearly 2 years, work has resumed and Lavasa has given the project of LEC to AIPL.

CTS Chennai
AIPL is proud to announce that it has successfully completed and handed over CTS Chennai in the stipulated time and cost. This was one of the very high-end commercial projects for AIPL.

CTS Pune
AIPL is working very hard and using all its resources very effectively and successfully in carrying out work at CTS Pune.
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